RevolutionPly ® Plywood Score & Snap

Follow these steps to Score & Snap RevolutionPly® panels: 

  1. You will need a measuring tape, a firm straight edge, a pencil, a utility knife with a sharp blade (new blade preferred), and a sanding block or piece of sand paper.
  2. Measure both ends and mark where you want to cut.  Make sure to measure twice and cut once.
  3. Place your straight edge on the marks made in the previous step. Hold your straight edge firmly so it doesn’t slide.  You can also use clamps to hold the straight edge in place if you prefer.
  4. With a tight grip on the knife, begin to cut into the panel along your straight edge.  You will need to make multiple passes (5-6) to ensure that you cut mostly or all the way through the center core.
  5. Once you have completed your cuts, grab the edge of the panel with one hand and place your other hand on the opposite side of the cut mark.
  6. Slowly begin to pull upward on the edge of the panel while simultaneously pressing down with your other hand.
  7. The panel will begin to bow and then will snap.
  8. You can sand any rough edges with the sanding block or sandpaper.
  9. Remember the cut edges will be placed against the walls for your flooring installation and the factory edges will be outward in the field.

Score & Snap: